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THE MASSAGE ROOM (Beauty Clinic)

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15450 Ventura Blvd.,#104

 Sherman Oaks , CA 91403

Business time : 9.00 am - 8.00 pm



visa and Mastercards welcome


(The gate will open up when you go close to it.)


At The Massage Room, we believe quality day spa services need not cost an arm and a leg (no pun intended).We are committed to providing superior massage therapy. Esthetician and spa services at incredibly affordable prices. We don’t believe that a one hour treatment should cost the equivalent of a small fortune. So, in order to relax our customers without stressing their pocketbooks, we’ve introduced the low-cost mini day spa concept. So, if you want to pay for fufu décor, imported marble and a fake waterfall, well then.(we think inflated prices are fine once in a while, like to celebrate and anniversary, wedding or if you win the ottery). But if you want to treat yourself, your friend or your significant other to the mos t wonderfully relaxing spa and massage treatments, performed by the best skilled professionals, in a  comfortably simple but elegant setting , and at the most relaxing prices, then The Massage Room is the only choice!

At The Massage Room, our people are so good that, without a doubt, receiving one of our treatments is like going on vacation-being able to leave all your stress and tension behind.

            Whenyou close your eyes, you’ll feel wonderfully relaxed in the hands of one of our expert staff . You may even forget where you are while in the depths of relaxation, conjuring up images of tropical waterfalls or white, sandy beaches, At The Massage Room, we take you on your own personal mini vacation.


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